Your Trusted Security Partner

“Northern Guard Security Services: Secure and Sure, Peace Endured – Guarding the North, with Strength and Worth.”

Patrol Guard

  • Professional attire with the prominent Northern Guard logo, symbolizing trust and authority.
  • Prepared to respond with a focus on safety and thoroughness in every patrol.
  • Equipped for vigilance with a flashlight and radio, ensuring clear communication and visibility at all times.

Personal Security

  • Personalized Vigilance: A security guard who stays on the alert, ensuring your personal safety with a watchful eye and a friendly demeanor.
  • Close Proximity: Offering constant companionship, this guard ensures that no matter where you go, your security is their top priority.
  • Rapid Response: Trained to act swiftly, the personal security guard is always ready to respond to any situation, ensuring peace of mind with a smile.

Event Security

  • Crowd-Safe Certified: Ensuring every event remains a joyous occasion with expert crowd control and monitoring.
  • Event Shield: Your celebration’s guardian, blending seamlessly to protect without disrupting the festive spirit.
  • Secure Festivities: Where safety sets the stage for unforgettable events, our guards watch over every moment with care.

Mobile Patrol

  • On the Move for Security: Mobile patrol units ensuring swift, widespread safety coverage, wherever it’s needed.
  • Dynamic Vigilance: Patrolling your peace of mind with mobility and alertness at every turn.
  • Roaming Readiness: A moving shield in the community, our patrols are the eyes on the street, keeping watch round the clock.

Alarm Response

  • Rapid Reaction: Quick to respond, our alarm response guards are always ready to spring into action at the first sign of trouble.
  • Alert and Assured: With keen awareness and calm precision, they handle every alarm with expert care.
  • Security Sprinters: Speed and skill combine as they dash to secure and assess, ensuring every alarm call is swiftly addressed.

Construction Security

  • Building Site Sentinel: Vigilantly guarding construction zones, ensuring safety and security amidst the build.
  • Constructive Watch: A steadfast presence on site, preventing unauthorized access and protecting valuable assets.
  • Foundation of Safety: Keeping a keen eye on every beam and brick, our guards are the pillars of security at your construction site.

Guardians of Growth: Northern Guard Security Services, where vigilance meets progress, ensuring a safer tomorrow.